How to Hang Your Artwork by Isabella

This decor tip will guide you through the hassle of hanging a piece of art.


Choosing the right equipment   

One of the troublesome experiences encountered by new home-owners is that they don’t know how to properly install their new artworks or family portraits. To find out what tools are best to hang your artwork can be seen by four factors: size, weight, hanging accessories, and your wall structure

Picture 1 of 5 - Wire hanger and Saw-tooth hook (Murigo Art Standard)

Standard nails and picture hanging hooks are suitable for most walls. Small-sized artwork should do just fine with one nail or hook, especially if the picture comes with a saw-tooth hanger your artwork will stay in place. As for medium-sized artworks, it is still acceptable to just use one, however if you find difficulty in balancing the artwork then it would be best to use both nail/hook to keep the art centered.

Here is where it gets tricky; for larger artwork, experts may recommend you using anchors, but its only appropriate to be installed on dry wall with no studs and if the artwork is very heavy. Unless if it’s a gallery-wrapped canvas then it’s possible to just use poster hangers that are made from plastic hooks or Velcro band – these two are easier to install and do little damage.

Picture 2 of 5 -  Feaser, Plastic wall-hanger, Nails, and Velcro Strips.

Finding the perfect placement

Choosing the ideal place to hang your artworks can be challenging. There are neither right or wrong answers nor rules as to where you should place the artworks. We recommend you to find the biggest blank wall in the center of your house, that artwork should be visible from different angles.

Picture 3 of 5 -  The right placement is to understand the height of eye-level.

The key of getting the perfect angle is by finding the center point, and for that you must take a measurement from one end to another and get it marked at the center with a masking tape or a pencil. Following the general rule, the middle of the artwork should be at the eye-level. Even though everyone has different eye-level, the center point should be at around 165-180cm, unless you’re designing a dwarf house.   

Gallery Wall Art

Having a wall art gallery allow you to expand your creativity by giving the freedom to play around with different art sizes. As interesting as this may sound, it will definitely be difficult for some people to precisely hang multiple artworks that can blend beautifully. Don’t worry, it’s actually simple.

Picture 4 of 5 -  The right placement is to understand the height of eye-level.

In a gallery wall art, there are countless ways how you can create your own compositions. Be sure to go with the rule of thumb so that you can keep each artwork evenly spaced.

Picture 5 of 5 -  There is no "wrong-way" to do gallery wall.

To make life easier, you can draw a layout of the shape you wish to have with a proportional size. Then, find any paper and cut it according to the size of your artwork that is going to be hung up on the wall. For each of the cut-out paper, find the center point and make a mark it. Get a masking tape and post all of the papers on the wall. Now you are all set and ready to drill the hangers to the wall, but don’t forget to take out the papers before you hang the artworks.

Hope these hanging tips are helpful for you, happy decorating!

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