Frame & Mounting Board

Getting a good frame for your picture is very important. A piece of art is incomplete until it has a frame, and without one, even the best art in the world will never show its full potential. Of course, a frame can't make a masterpiece of poor artwork, but when a picture has artistic potential, the frame will surely emphasize its best detail. 

The Murigo Art's Frame Collection

With over 150 design varieties, our frame collection surely will complement any art genre. There are 6 main frame styles that we carry: Modern, Neo-classic, Classic, Floater, Liner, and Decograph. Each of them is used either as primary or secondary frame function. For each style we also group them based on their main colors and width sizes, which makes frame search become easier.

Here is a guideline of art reference and pairing recommendation for our frame styles:

Frame Style Art Movement Reference Pairing Recommendation Suitable Interior Design Style

Renaissance, Impressionism, Art Nouveau, Fauvism

Figurative, Classical, and European Art

Classical, Traditional


Expressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, Dada

Figurative, Classical, and European Art

Classical, Traditional, American, Tropical


Bauhaus, Abstract, Pop Art, Gutai, Minimalism

Abstract, Modern, Contemporary, and Photography Art

Modern, Minimalist, Tropical



Abstract, Modern, Contemporary, and Photography Art

Modern, Minimalist



Abstract, Modern, Contemporary, and Photography Art

Modern, Minimalist


All of our frames are either made of Composite Plastic Moulding (plastic frames) or Shorea Wood (wood frames). Please click on the frame names on the customization console to check the detail of our frames' specification.


Decograph Collection

Murigo Art's Decograph frame collection is a distinctive product that allows a print to be framed without glass/glazing. The print (usually paper) is mounted on a Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and finish with various types of lamination or coating to protect from dust and moisture. Each of our Decograph frame collections are handcrafted and include special features such as raised centers, thin framing border, and unique modern styling. We currently have 60 variations of decograph frames in our collection.


Mounting Board (Mat)

A mat is a thin, flat piece of paper-based material included within a picture frame, which serves as additional aesthetic décor and also to perform several other, more practical functions, such as separating the art from the glazing.

Murigo Art mounting board comprises of three basic components, the surface, paper core, and backing paper. The core and the backing papers are alkaline sized and contain alkaline fillers to enhance their useful lifespan by minimizing the effect of atmospheric pollutants. 

  • Mounting Board Size:  812 x 1219 mm (A0)
  • Thickness:  1400 microns
  • Surface:  Color surface paper (neutral PH, high quality cellulose fibres)
  • Core:  Virgin wood pulp (from managed forest estates in Europe & North America)
  • Adhesive:  Water-based (free from solvents, neutral PH)

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