Welcome to the one-stop solution for your photography collection!

Photos-to-Art lets you turn your favorite photos into personalized wall décor.


Multiple Uploads

Whether you're using a phone, tablet, or computer, Photos-to-Art allows you to upload your favorite photos on any device. You can upload up to 10 images simultaneously and select which will be the one that you want to print!


Any Size, Any Ratio

We let you decide on how you want your final print to be. Whether it's big or small or panoramic, you can crop and resize your photo however you want! Our sizing and cropping tool will let you know automatically which photo size prints the best.


Photograph & Designed by You

Over many years of experience in this industry, the most valuable lesson we learn is that our customer loves originality. When it comes to buying a piece of art, they love to engage with their personal touch in designing the finishes. Photos-to-Art gives you so many varieties and options for your photo's finishes.  You can choose from custom framing, gallery stretched canvas, decograph, triptych (3-panel splits), or just the print only. We make sure your personal touch can always be embraced.


Printing Technology

Your photo will be printed with Murigo Art's archival EPA-rated "green" inks for unrivaled color quality. Our advanced large format color printer is designed for vibrant fine art giclee print creation. The 12-color archival pigment ink set emphasizes the use of red ink, which allows for incredibly vibrant and eye-catching prints to be produced while providing benefits such as scratch resistance.


Send It Anywhere

Whether you're in Jakarta, Medan, Bali, Surabaya, or even Singapore, it doesn't matter because your order will follow you. We partner with JNE for all of domestic shipping and DHL for international. If you're buying our Photos-to-Art products in bulk or large quantities, we do have expedition drop-off option where you can have us send the items to your preferred expedition company and let them take care the rest. For those live in Jakarta, you can save shipping cost by picking up your order in our nearest stores.


Take a photo and we'll do the rest for you. Let's get started!

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