Photos-to-Art Guideline

In this section you will find guideline and information on using our Photos-to-Art product.

Image Quality & Resolution

Printing high-quality images depends on how good is your camera's megapixels. Our minimum requirements for standard printing quality is 150 DPI. So, for best results, we recommend to take your photos at the highest resolution your camera will allow. If you have access to photo-editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, or Aperture, please make sure to check the resolution of your images before editing and uploading them.

Minimum resolution requirements for our most popular sizes:

25 x 30 cm 75 750 x 900 250  2500 x 3000
30 x 40 cm 75 900 x 1200 250 3000 x 4000
40 x 50 cm 75 1200 x 1500 250 4000 x 5000
40 x 60 cm 75 1200 x 1800 250 4000 x 6000
50 x 60 cm 75 1500 x 1800 250 5000 x 6000
60 x 80 cm 75 1800 x 2400 250 6000 x 8000
90 x 120 cm 75 2700 x 3600 250 9000 x 12000


For Gallery Wrap canvas, the minimum resolution require in more similar to the requirements for one size larger as the photo has to wrap around the edges of the canvas. For example, when creating an 25 x 30 cm Gallery Wrap canvas use the above guidelines for 30 x 40 cm instead. For all other products the above requirements are accurate.


Quality Indicator

We want you to be completely happy with the quality of your Photos-to-Art product, so we set quality indicators based on the DPI (Display Per Inch) of the images you upload. Our system will warn you if we think that your image quality based on your selected print size is average, good, very good, or excellent. If our indicator tells your image is poor or fair, you can still proceed, and the image when printed may come out just fine, but we want to be sure you're satisfied, so we're being cautious for some of the larger sizes where the quality of your image could affect the results.

Uploaded image's DPI (Dots Per Inch) and its quality indicator:

Superior > 250 DPI
Excellent 200 - 249 DPI
Very Good 150 - 199 DPI
Good 100 - 149 DPI
Average 72 - 99 DPI

Keep in mind to always aim for a minimum image resolution of 150 DPI for better print results. 


Popular Product Sizes And Prices

Here are some pricing estimates for our popular photo sizes:

25 x 30 cm IDR 90,000 IDR 46,000 IDR 322,000* IDR 472,500* IDR 270,000
30 x 40 cm IDR 144,000 IDR 72,000 IDR 420,000* IDR 620,000* IDR 380,000
40 x 50 cm IDR 240,000 IDR 120,000 IDR 575,000* IDR 840,000* IDR 565,000
40 x 60 cm IDR 288,000 IDR 144,000 IDR 655,000* IDR 960,000* IDR 655,000
50 x 60 cm IDR 360,000 IDR 180,000 IDR 755,000* IDR 1,100,000* IDR 780,000
60 x 80 cm IDR 576,000 IDR 288,000 IDR 1,060,000* IDR 1,530,000* IDR 1,150,000
90 x 120 cm IDR 1,296,000 IDR 648,000 IDR 1,990,000* IDR 2,800,000* IDR 2,325,000


*Pricing may vary depending on finishing and framing options selected. These are just estimates using our medium-priced frames.



If you're not happy with your photo's original ratio, you can always reposition or change the ratio of your image. Click on "Select Cropping Option" and a module will open that will allow you to adjust the orientation, aspect ratio, and what part of your photo is included in the printable area. We only for vertical adjustments on portrait photos and horizontal adjustments on landscape photos. For more complex cropping capabilities we suggest you use a photo editing tool prior to uploading your image to our Photos-to-Art feature. If you like your original ratio and don't want any editing, proceed directly to "Customize Image Size" where you can find our size calculator tool.



You may upload photos that are formatted as either JPEG or PNG files. We cannot process other photo format at this time. You can upload photos ranging from a minimum size of 500KB up to 10MB. Additionally, you can upload to a maximum of 10 photos. Uploading to and using our Photos-to-Art service at any time, you must accept our Photos-to-Art Policy.

You may only upload photos and images for which you own the copyright. In other words, you may not upload any images that are copyrighted by someone else. You must comply with our Content Policy for every single images you uploaded. We reserve the right to reject or remove images that violate our Policy.


IMAGE ACCESS is not an online image storage or hosting service. Therefore, the images you upload are made accessible for limited periods of time. If you upload images but do not purchase any prints, your images will be accessible for 14 days. If you purchase prints, you will have access to your images for at least 30 days from the date of purchase. For more details about access to uploaded images, see our Photos-to-Art Policy.



If you still have additional questions not answered above, please call our Customer Service at (021) 531 20907 or email us at Please tell the agent or reference in the email that you are calling regarding's Photos-to-Art product.


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